The Game vs. jay-Z

In the hushed battle of east coast versus west coast rap there will always be something or someone to turn things over and start a new spark. The most recent and probably only notable discord between two artists of different coasts includes The Game and Jay-Z, as west versus east.

The Game (known now only as Game) is an American rapper from Los Angeles, California. He started his career in the early 2000s as a part of the hip hop and gangsta rap group G-Unit. Rising to success with such talents as 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks, he split from the band and made a thriving solo career of his own.

Born in New York, Jay-Z is one of the most famous and successful representatives of east coast rap to the day. Having over 50 million albums sold worldwide, Jay has been around for a while and has made an immense contribution on hip-hop for more than a decade.

The discord between the two artists started out a while ago, but virtually unknown causes. The difference in style, the number of fans, financial benefits could always be factors in this type of discord, but this type it is probably a lyrics-related situation. In songs or concerts Game has often mentioned Jay-Z within his lyrics, putting the east coast rapper in a difficult situation and urging him to reply. Taking the calmer route, Jay decided to let Game say whatever he wanted, probably due to experience with past conflicts with fellow rappers.

The Game said on Chino 104-7 Kiss FM that he can reply to Jay-Z with his music and will be continuing to make attacks on him within his songs, only to make him mad enough to reply. Jay-Z however has taken the high road, telling the press that Game can commit lyrical suicide, but will not instigate him to retaliate.

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