Game Responds to Misunderstanding

The Game is an American rapper and emcee already known worldwide for his impressive beats and memorable songs. He rose to success as a member of the hip hop band G-Unit and went on to release a few albums of his own. However, with success comes controversy every time, and in the hip hop scene, controversy is always expected to cause a few problems.

In August, 2008 The Game released a single featuring fellow rapper Lil’ Wayne, called My life. The single was a great success on the internet following its release, but there was a leaked version that emerged on the web before The Game managed to extract some lyrics from the song. The original leaked version contained a verse that referred to rapper Eminem, many-time Grammy Award winner, also known for the huge impact he has had on rap music and in the press since the late-90s.

The verses referred to Eminem and Proof (a deceased rapper and former colleague to both artists) saying that The Game had burned the pictures of himself with Eminem and would not be coming back to 8 Mile since there is no Proof – 'proof' has double meaning here. Seeing as Game and Eminem worked together, the image of burning evidence of collaboration could be taken as an offence by some; this is why The Game announced to the press that it was not his intention to be disrespectful as the lyrics were only referring to a sentimental issue.

8 Mile is an area of Detroit, the city were Eminem came from. The Game wanted to clear up that his lyrics were telling the story of past experiences, wanting to remember 8 Mile, Eminem and Proof, but because Proof had passed away, Detroit saddens him. Realizing that people would take it the wrong way, he decided to pull the verse from the song on the album, also apologizing for misinterpretation.

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