The Hip Hop and Rap industry

Hurricane is a website dedicated to provide information related to famous artists of the hip hop and rap industry. Hip hop is a form of artistic culture and musical expression, which was originated in the African American and Hispanic communities in New York city in the 1970s. This culture is divided in four terms which are: Rapping, Disk Jockey (Djing) or scratching, Breakdance and Graffiti. Another related element of this music culture is Beat boxing. Hip hop is a lifestyle that includes rap music.

Rapping also known as Mcing is the primary term in rap and reggae music. This term refers to chanted or spoken rhyming lyrics. Rapping can be transmitted with an instrumental, also known as a beat or without a beat. Rapping is known to be traced back from its African roots. A disk jockey is the person who selects and plays music for the audience. A rap disk jockey uses the method for Djing called scratching. Scratching is a technique that is used to make sounds by moving a vinyl disk back and forth on the DJ turntable, while using the crossfader on the mixer to provide a distinctive sound. Breakdance is a popular street dance style, which is part of the culture among youths in New York city. This dance style consist of four elements: Downrock, toprock, suicides or freezes and power moves.

Graffiti is known as any type of public markings, which appears in form of words written in walls. Beat boxing is a form of producing vocal percussion by making rhythm, drum beats and music sounds by using the voice, mouth, tongue and lips. Beat boxing sometimes includes vocal imitation of the turntable, singing, imitation of strings, horns and other music instruments. This term is also used to refer vocal percussion in general.

Rap music is a type of music included in the culture of hip hop. Rap music is known to be a mix of poetic lyrics, rhyming and beats. A rap star or a hip hop star subject varies from commercialism to relationships. Famous rappers like to refer their music on various subjects such as: Sex, violence, love, race, crime, political issues, street life stories, etc. Rap came to the United States from the Caribbean Islands because of its large African population. Hurricane has a variety of information related to the culture of Rap and their famous rappers.

One of the recent talents in the genre is The Game, also known as Hurricane Game, Chuck Taylor and Charles Louboutin is an African American rapper and actor. This rap star birth name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, who was born on November 29th of 1979. Hurricane game was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Compton, California. The Game was raised in a gang banging and hustling environment, which later he decided to be part of the street gang called Bloods. In 1989 he met his rapper idol called Eazy-E, who was the founder of the gangsta rap group called N.W.A. The Game attended Compton High School from where he graduated in 1999. After graduation Hurricane game entered Washington State University, but later he was kicked out from the university because of drug possession.

The Game rap music career started when his brother and himself had established the record label called The Black Wall Street Records. On 2005 the hip hop star had become a member of G-Unit, on which he rose to fame with the debut album name The Documentary. After the debut of his album with G-Unit he had left the group because of certain issues. In 2006, The Game came with his second album called the Doctor's Advocate and his third album came out on 2008 called LAX. Hurricane game recent album called The Red Album was out on stores this year. The last three albums have been produced by famous producer and rapper called Dr. Dre. Here, at hurricane you will find all information regarding famous rappers and their industry.

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